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The WEA is a leading education charity with a legacy that stretches back over 115 years. We empower adults by bringing great teaching to local communities across England and Scotland, reaching tens of thousands of students each year. We believe every adult should have access to education and its benefits right on their doorstep. Currently, the opportunity for a better future is too often made inaccessible for reasons including cost, location and a lack of information. We are committed to removing any barriers so that individuals can improve their own life chances and have a positive impact on their communities and society as a whole. Our new courses start in January 2024, we have a wide range of subjects e.g. History, Music, Art, Literature, Society etc.

Colchester Branch is one of the largest in East Anglia. We pride ourselves on the variety and number of courses we offer and the friendliness of the Branch. No previous knowledge is required and there are no examinations; just an interest and desire to learn more of the subject.

Our courses run for 10 weeks, 8 weeks or 5 weeks, with the majority being 10 weeks. Each class lasts for 2 hours, with a short break, but occasionally classes run for 1½ hours. Each class may or may not have a Half Term break, decided by Tutor and students together. As a rule the classes last from 10.15 to 12.15, but please check dates and times carefully, for each individual course. The course prices for face to face courses range between £42 - £85, for online courses the price depends on the amount of sessions with some online courses being free.

Face to face courses are held at the Castle Methodist Church in Maidenburgh Street Colchester CO1 1TT, just off the High Street and close to Colchester Castle (see map).
All rooms are on the ground floor with wheelchair access. There are no crèche facilities.

Politics, Religion and Philosophy (face to face)

This course delves into the intricate interplay between political and religious figures across history, spanning Ancient Greece to present-day governance. Exploring influencers like Plato, Aristotle, and the emergence of democracy in Classical times, it navigates through Christendom's evolution from persecution to imperialism. Examining alliances and conflicts between Jews and Muslims, it tracks the impact of Machiavelli, Locke, and Hobbes during the Renaissance and Reformation eras. The Enlightenment and subsequent revolutions bring forth the ideas of Paine, Rousseau, and Wollstonecraft. From liberalism to socialism, conservatism to labour movements, and the advent of secular democracy with figures like Tutu, MLK, and Rawls, the course scrutinizes historical paradigms, ending with reflections on past influences and future prospects.

Tutor: David Sharp
Booking Code: Q00013007
Dates: 17/01/2024 - 20/03/2024
9 sessions
From: 10.15 - 12.15
Fee £75.60

The Origins of the Second World War (face to face)

This course discusses the cause and origins of the global conflicts which came to be known as the Second World War, which must be considered as stretching between the years 1937 and 1945. The Second World War was, in fact, two wars linked by common adversaries. This course looks at the differing causes and how the two wars became one. The Second World War began in the east of the globe in 1937, or even earlier, for particular regional reasons. The war in Europe, and later north Africa, began as a consequence of forces arriving after the Peace of Versailles, signed in 1919 as a direct result of World War I. We will look at the causes behind each conflict and how they became interlinked and one war. Our tutor will enable you to consider the factors behind the conflict in the east and the conflict in the west, debate how they became linked, analyse and evaluate the result of the Peace of Paris in the cause of the western conflict and discuss the role of nationalism in the cause of both conflicts. No previous knowledge of the history of mid-20th century conflict is necessary- all students are welcome to debate and discuss the origins and cause of the Second World War.

Tutor: Roger Cooke
Booking Code: Q00012276
Dates: 19/01/2024 - 16/02/2024
5 sessions
From: 10.15 - 12.15
Fee £42.00

Happy, Healthy Holidays on the Essex Coast (face to face)

When and why did holidaying at the seaside become popular and where along Essex's Sunshine coast would you choose to go? This course will provide an opportunity for you to rediscover the carefree days of a seaside holiday at one of Essex's popular resorts. You will discuss and reflect upon the needs of a family holiday in the past two centuries as well as popular names in entertainment who made their name at an Essex resort. A stay at the seaside was just the thing in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and, through this, our experienced tutor will enable you to debate the development of seaside resorts, their highlights and heydays, and their decline and development, as well as key developments in the history of Essex coastal resorts. The sharing of memories and reminiscing will also be encouraged as first-hand evidence for discussion of these topics in a safe, relaxed environment. Participation in an Essex seaside holiday is not compulsory, however, and all students are welcomed to come and learn more about this little-known area of Essex history.

Tutor: Claire Parker
Booking Code: Q00012240
Dates: 22/01/2024 - 19/02/2024
5 sessions
From: 10.15 - 12.15pm
Fee £42.00

Art Appreciation: Local Artists - Colchester (face to face)

This 5 week course focuses on five local artists whose work is held in the permanent collection of Colchester Art Society. Each week view samples of the work of notable artists including painter, printmaker, sculptor, teacher, and writer, Ron Sims, official War Artist in the Royal Marines, John Nash, scenic painter Mick Smee, painter Lucy Harwood, and mixed media artist, Joyce Pallot. Each artist will be explored with key art concepts including composition, use of colour, symbolism, and more. Each week you will explore concepts through group discussion. You will be encouraged to take notes and recall information over the 5 weeks. By the end of the course, you will be able to; list key local artists, explain the artists' art practices, compare and contrast the local artists, break down the key elements of local art works, evaluate the artists, and choose a piece you resonate with most.

Tutor: Abbie Cairns
Booking Code: Q00013707
Dates: 23/02/2024 - 22/03/2024
5 sessions
From: 10.15 - 12.15pm
Fee £42.00

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